Related Projects

tachyons-components React UI components powered by Tachyons with a styled-components like API tachyons-sass Don’t like postcss? Tachyons-sass is a sass port of the entire framework. react-native-style-tachyons React Native Style Tachyons brings functional styling to react-native. It is inspired by Tachyons and uses it’s scales and naming convention. tachyons-webpack This is a basic webpack boilerplate to be used with Tachyons. You can write your javascript in src/app.js add html to index.html and add custom css to css/index.css. tachyons-custom A template for customizing values in your own build of Tachyons. tachyons-cli This module is used to process Tachyons css modules and generate their documentation. It is leveraged in an npm script shared among all modules. tachyons-build-css Transpile Tachyons PostCSS to vanilla CSS. This build process also removes comments, autoprefixes, and has options for minifying the output or repeating class selectors (to play nice with overly specific CSS frameworks). tachyons-verbose This “verbose” edition of Tachyons uses an unambiguous naming formula for those of us who are bad at acronyms and for ease of sharing with non-tachyons-using team members. jekyll-tachyons Jekyll + Tachyons Boilerplate.